Project work

Digital product and service design

A selection of project highlights — spanning over 20 years of delivery.

Project highlight
  1. Care Quality Commission

    Regulatory transformation

    Working closely with healthcare professionals and the senior design team, helping CQC transition from legacy systems to their new Regulatory Platform (MS Dynamics). I led the design across multiple workstreams enabling CQC to consistently assess UK healthcare locations whilst enabling providers the right to reply before the publication of inspection reports. The project brief was delivered within a tight time-frame and technical constraints.

    CQC case study.
  2. HMRC - Borders & Trade

    Service availability

    A discovery piece to investigate the problems surrounding service outages within UK Borders and Trade. We researched from an internal and external perspective to understand how incidents were detected and the impact of downtime. I mapped the wider Borders and Trade ecosystem to understand current complexity, created a view of the as-is process and produced user journeys and captured the pain-points. Finally, I produced our recommendations to help traders plan for and mitigate issues, enabling businesses to continue as efficiently as possible.

    Borders & Trade case study.
  3. HMRC - Borders & Trade

    Goods movement vehicle service

    I was responsible for designing the interfaces for critical Borders and Trade systems to keep goods flowing between UK and Europe. Accessible prototypes where developed and used for high-fidelity usability testing. I worked closely with UR to improve the accessibility and experience of services as policy rapidly developed post EU exit. I led the redesign of the internal systems used by Border Force and HMRC which risk and physically control the movement of goods at border locations across the UK.

  4. Department for Transport

    Blue badge

    Working on a rapid Alpha to investigate the redesign of the Blue Badge application process. Applying insights from discovery we explored how we might improve the existing process to reduce stress and anxiety for current badge holders.

  5. NHS Digital

    Cumberlege programme

    The aim of the program was to better protect patients against faulty implants or medicine found to have harmful side affects. Working in a senior service design capacity within the leadership team, I helped advocate User Centred Design practice, service standards and legislative responsibilities across the programme.

  6. HM Revenue & Customs

    Plastic packaging tax

    HMRC’s first environmental tax aimed at reducing the use of plastic packaging and virgin plastics across UK businesses. As interaction designer, the challenge was to design, prototype and validate a viable and accessible journey, whilst meeting an ambitious delivery schedule. We met our GDS Alpha assessment (opens in a new tab) in September.

  7. HM Land Registry

    Caseworker system

    Working with FutureGov, I was tasked with redesigning, prototyping and testing internal caseworker systems, implement design standards and raised awareness of the department’s legislative accessibility responsibilities. Accessibility, mentoring, prototyping.

  8. Department for Environment, Farming & Rural Affairs

    Environmental land management

    Working with the Government's Future Farming Programme on their flagship environmental initiatives. I acted in both service and interaction design roles, to understand the current, future and transitional states of DEFRA services. I helped identify opportunities by researching with farmers and foresters whilst engaging policy teams, ALBs and SMEs to identify needs, requirements and constraints. Prototyping areas of highest risk and complexity and testing with users. Sketching, storyboarding, service maps, user journeys, digital / hybrid prototyping, workshop facilitation.

    Defra case study.

  9. HM Revenue & Customs

    Data exchange service

    Collaborating closely with our digital team and wider stakeholders to design and deliver a secure data transfer system across businesses, HMRC and wider central government departments. I worked closely with our researchers to understand what to prototype, test and iterate. I helped contribute to HMRC’s pattern library and was invited to join the Service Assessor team, providing pier reviews and promoting standards and best practice.

    HMRC case study.

  10. HM Revenue & Customs

    Non-repudiation service

    The internal service was created to encrypt and store critical digital transactions between HMRC, organisations and other intermediaries. The purpose was to guard against legal challenges and potential reputation damage. I led on the interaction design to create the file retrieval journey and interface, working closely with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Fraud and Intelligence services.

  11. HDowns

    Website design, build and branding

    Responsible for the creative direction, photography and build of the foundry’s manufacturing website. The site was hand coded to web standards using HTML, SASS and JQuery. Through Google Analytics the redesign subsequently demonstrated an increase in traffic and uplift in sales enquires.

    HDowns case study.

  12. Imperium

    Website design, build, branding and CRM

    Responsible for planning, UX, UI, build and design assets of the website and CRM. I worked alongside a senior web developer to deliver the CRM design and integration. Developed to web standards using SASS and JQuery.

  13. Invoicer

    Business software

    An internal project created over a 2 year period, providing professional, vector based PDF Invoices from csv files. Built as a standalone system for freelancers and SMEs which can be customised into wider ERP / E-commerce projects. Invoicer is provided under MIT license and available on GitHub (opens in a new tab).

  14. K2 Corporate Mobility

    B2B relocation software and ERP system

    While contracted as a design manager for a London based corporate relocations firm, over a 10 year period I led the design and build of a bespoke ERP system which facilitated their international expansion. My role covered research and planning, managing our product roadmap, requirement gathering, user journeys and information architecture. I created their UI pattern library, corporate style guide and data visualisation. I managed a small design and development team and was responsible for the product’s continual improvement.

  15. Hertz

    Car fulfilment web design

    Over serveral years, I undertook multiple projects for Hertz, including redesign of their hire car fulfilment website for Air France. Collaborating across a geographically dispersed team of technology providers, marketing and senior management. Producing visual designs and web ready templates, working within strict brand guidelines. Abandonment rates were significantly reduced through improved user experience.

  16. Phones International

    B2B / B2C Website design / build

    While on contract at Phones International over a 4 year period, websites were designed for Peter Jones’ ventures and numerous telecoms clients including Sony Ericsson, Vodafone and Benq-Siemens. Working within strict brand guidelines.

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